F-Secure SAFE 2017 6 Months Free trial

F-Secure SAFE is among the best security suite of 2017 and usually comes with 30 days trial for try before buy. But, if you don’t like usual 30 days of trial, there is a promotional offer to get F-Secure SAFE 2017 6 months free trial download and it works for up to 5 devices.

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit the promo page of F-Secure SAFE 2017, then click on try to create your account fill up the form and then it will send your confirmation email to verify your registration. Select install to get it in your preferred 5 devices that also includes your Windows PC.


Be sure that this download is for home or personal use only. The evaluation period begins once you receive confirmation email, no matter if you install it later. Good thing is you will get free upgrades during 182 days trial period but without technical support.

F-Secure Safe 6 Months Trial Product Overview

F-Secure SAFE is designed for online protection to secure all kinds of devices such as PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. It is among the best security software that can protect all of your devices from online threats. The parental control protects your children by letting you determine the sites that could be favorable to browse. It safeguards your children from watching adult content on the internet such as blood, violence, guns, etc. F-Secure SAFE got built in feature to find your device in case of loss or theft. All of the features and services of F-Secure safe 6 months trial is very easy to safeguard your online browsing experience with any device.

F-Secure safe 6 months free trial

F-Secure SAFE 2017 180 days trial is a multi-platform online security software that is available for all of the popular systems which includes Mac, iOS, Android, Windows PC and phone.

F-Secure SAFE 2017 Key Features

Virus Protection:

Protects device and data from Trojans, malware, viruses and spyware ensuring safety of privacy.

Online Banking and Browsing Activity Protection:

It handles all security requirement so users can be worry free of their online activity and banking passwords/

Network Protection:

Ensures safety of internet connection and blocks virus transfer through networks.

Family Protection:

Something like Parental Control, F-Secure safe provides options to block illegal and harmful websites that displays adult content, violence and others that can negatively affect your family online experience and computer usage can also be limited.

Device Tracker:

Useful in case device lost or stolen, it can track the location and users can also delete all of their private information through F-Secure account.

Gaming Mode:

Play your favorite games without getting interrupted because of system slow down or messages without need to turn off the security program.


  • Best malware detection rates on popular systems with extra effectiveness.
  • A cross-platform security suite.
  • Provides decent protection against latest threats.
  • Free license available for up to 5 devices.


  • Absence of password manager feature.
  • Include old lab test results for Android devices.
  • Not full security suite available for Mac, includes antivirus only.
  • Price is bit higher as compared to its competitors.


It has combination of excellent features to secure multiple devices although there is lack of few features as compared to competitor’s products.

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