MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium Free Giveaway License Keys

MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium normally costs $24.95 for single PC 1-year subscription and usually comes with 30 days of trial. But, as a part of Giveaway campaign launched in our website with some license keys provided officially by MalwareBytes for promotion of their product, there is MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium Free Giveaway License Keys.

Interested users in this giveaway offer just need to free checkout using a link at the bottom of this post.

MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium Giveaway Overview

It can run alongside any existing security software you have installed, providing a useful second line of defense. The updated program has a new interface and offers improved protection from malware, rootkits and malicious websites. To use the software, you will need to enter the license key and uninstall any previous versions of Anti-Malware.

MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium Free

MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium

Note that although the beta is entirely free, the full version isn’t and will set you back $24.95 per year when it gets released.

Did you know lots of all online threats are exploits?

Exploits are highly dangerous to your computer. Generally speaking, all exploits have one obvious similarity that they ruin your computer. But technically, they are different because their mode of action is different. It’s highly important to know the differences and similarities to understand the full scale of hostility your system might face.

Just like a biological virus infects cells in our body and makes us ill with a possibility of transferring the illness to others we get communicate with. Exploits also work in a similar way by infecting existing files. It copies itself and spreads from one file to another and even other devices or computers. As a result, the performance of your computer gets slow down. You might even lose some hard disk space until it is removed from your computer using a security software.

Whereas, exploits are real trouble makers. They are highly notorious and wreak havoc in not just your computer but in your life too. It steals your personal information like your social network site’s password, logging your keystroke, capturing your photo and even find out the name of your pet! Thus, blocking its infiltration is of utmost importance.

By now, you must have understood the importance of having an ant-exploit installed in your PC because having an Antivirus is not enough.

Key Features of MalwareBytes Anti Exploit Premium

  • Shield browsers add-ons, JAVA, office files and PDF documents.
  • Provides four layer of protection such as OS bypass, memory caller, application behavior and hardening.
  • Protection using effective technology.
  • Support for old Windows OS such as Vista and XP.
  • Compatible on use with other antivirus product.
  • Capability to modify and add user defined shields.
  • Total protection without need of signature updates.
  • Blocks all known new and old exploits.


Provides protection from zero-day exploits on browsers, offline documents and media files without need of database signature updates. The program is very simple, light on system and easy to use with effective protection against vulnerabilities.


Although, there is no cons found for this software so far but support for single language and harder to conclude its effectiveness are the minor cons of this product.


It totally shields the system against exploits attacks providing modern layer of security in the weak areas of system and also because of its low price with high performance, it is worth to buy security product.

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