Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Plus 2016 180 days trial

Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus plus 2016 completely offers cloud antivirus like protection from online threats for Personal Computers, tablets, smartphones and Mac users. It is normally priced at $39.99 for single user license key per year and comes with 1 month of free trial as try before buy. But, there is a promotional offer where everyone can enjoy this product for 180 days free trial.

It is available to download after a free checkout using a link at the bottom of this post. Once you have started the installation choose 180 days trial of the product.

It is among the antivirus software that consumes less system resources, keeping the system free from interruptions and performance slowdowns.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Plus 2016 180 days promo

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Plus 2016

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Plus 2016 Key Features

  • It always provides you the best protection for your data. Identity safe is useful feature for online safety, in regard while performing banking transaction, shopping and sharing the things online.
  • Setup once and forget it, as it provides continuous protection with any slowdowns and interruptions.
  • Provides data backup feature for safety of your photos, files and folders with a free 25GB of online storage. It can be access from all your devices.
  • Social network protection including Facebook and Twitter.
  • It analyzes the operating systems and devices to detect and resolve system issues.
  • Wipes out all of your online activity traces and makes all the deleted files unrecoverable.
  • Scans to identify the Android apps and makes sure if it is safe to use, also auto scans all downloads to check for mobile threats.
  • One of its best feature is to lock the device and wipe all of your data from tablets and smartphones. It also finds out the location of  lost or stolen devices.

Product Overview

Lots of anti-virus software manufacturers claim that their products use cloud technology. That means scanning for threats is done by sending file activity information to a remote computer over the internet, rather than by comparing it with a list of known viruses that is stored on the PC itself.

Most programs combine both kinds of scan. Regardless, Webroot’s Secure Anywhere Antivirus dispenses completely with a database on the PC, and puts everything online.

There are several advantages to this. Firstly, virus updates are made unnecessary. All of the information is stored on Webroot’s servers and updated continuously as new threats are discovered. This in turn means that the PC software has little work to do, everything is done on remote computers. So, all the software has to do is send information about suspicious activity for checking.

Test Results

We installed the cheapest version (called Antivirus) and were surprised to find installation only took a few seconds. A full scan ran automatically, taking less than two minutes. The more expensive Essentials version includes a firewall and then even – dearer Complete has other features.

The interface was simple and straightforward, although it is possible to tweak more advanced settings. One interesting feature is that protected PCs can be managed remotely using a web – based ‘console’.

There were some bugs and omissions, though changes don’t take effect until a remote PC is restarted and, when we uninstalled the software from one computer, it still showed as ‘protected’ in the web console. Nevertheless, this is a great idea for people with households full of PCs.

Added Features Analysis

A Sandbox allows users to run suspicious programs in such a way that they can’t harm the PC.  Advanced diagnostic tools are there in order to check running services and file activity.

One great aspect of SecureAnywhere is the speed of scanning (an on-demand Deep Scan that checks for rootkits only took about a minute on our PC’s 2,000GB hard disk) and they tiny amount of memory it uses. Webroot says the program can even be used alongside any other security software without the risk of conflict, and we ran it with Microsoft Security Essentials with no problem. It monitors web downloads, web searches and link clicks, too.

There are no need of full disk scans. According to Webroot, the software constantly monitors the entire PC. However, you can do a complete custom scan of all hard disks if you wish, and this look just a long as using any other antivirus product.


SecureAnywhere is an excellent product for people fed up with resource-hogging antivirus software. It has some novel and useful features, and is fast while providing excellent security.

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