Zemana AntiLogger Pro v2 free license key 2017

Zemana Antilogger is normally priced at $29.95 for single license key per year. It usually comes with 15 days’ trial version for try before buy. But, there is a promotional offer to get Zemana AntiLogger 2017 Pro free license key.

Interested users just need to register in Zemana Beta Program and must use Gmail e-mail ID to enter on Zemana Antilogger registration page. Lifetime valid license key will show up on the same screen.


Despite of it being the beta program giveaway, same license key can be used to activate the stable version.

Zemana AntiLogger v2 Pro Overview

It is well known privacy protection and security software of 2017. Antilogger v2 Pro is designed to prevent any activity theft on PC. Zemana AntiLogger is a second opinion Antilogger software. AntiLogger v2 Pro is especially known for protecting user’s information, working in conjunction with other antivirus product. Most of all, it does not interfere with antivirus software installed on the system and works on its conjunction. The program works great in detecting keyloggers, screen recorders.

Zemana AntiLogger Pro v2 free

Now-a-days keylogger Trojans are usual threats. Anyone can install keystroke logging tools in your computer. Keyloggers can easily record your online login details and send them to the hacker. Traditionally, it was also useful for parental control purpose. But, modern security software is strong enough to lock down unnecessary site from viewing with its Parental Control features. Normally, an antivirus software is not much effective against smart Keyloggers. In that case, Zemana Antilogger establishes a strong security environment in order to prevent user’s activity recording with objective to protects the privacy. Thus, it is highly essential to keep your credit card, online banking and passwords safe.

Zemana AntiLogger Pro 2017 Key Features

  • Easily recognizes and prevent any kind of online identity theft activity throughout the web.
  • Real Time Protection blocks malicious file execution attempts before any harm on PC.
  • Pandora Cloud-Sandbox Technology increases zero-day malware and ransomware protection.
  • It allows to manually differentiate between the unwanted and the intentionally installed web browser extensions. This will help get rid of intrusive extensions.

Free License Key Benefits

Now, every users can get benefited on using 2017 Pro license key of this software. Pro version comes with 128 bit of secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. It is typically useful to eliminate any key logging activity also repair the damage caused in the system. In addition, Zemana Antilogger comes with proactive defense technology. It does not only rely on virus signature database update. Proactive detection is very smart to identify any suspicious activities inside your computer. It is highly essential for detection of newly emerging so called Zero day threats. Working in combination with other famous security software, it can absolutely protect your privacy without any doubt.

Finally, there is no fear of getting your passwords and login details hacked after you have installed Zemana Antilogger Pro 2017 with our free giveaway license key.

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9.5 Total Score

Zemana AntiLogger is well capable of protecting your financial information. It works aggressively against all types of keyloggers keeping your personal information safe.

Keylogger Protection
Security Features
Help and Support
  • Especially provides overall protection against SSL, webcam, key, screen and clipboard loggers.
  • Packed with powerful modules on small size program.
  • Clear and easy to use modern interface.
  • Works silently on background once installed.
  • Heavy on security and light on the system.
  • Compatible with all popular Windows OS and well known antivirus software.
  • It is only compatible with well-known antivirus applications.
  • Test version is only available for 15 days trial evaluation.
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